About Me

My interest in computers and robotics dates back to 2004 when Spirit and Opportunity landed on Mars. Since then, I have been pursuing studies and participating in extracurricular activities that would further my interests in these fields. To reach my goals, I chose to major in Computer Science. During my time at RPI, my interests have become more refined, and I have focused on the field of artificial intelligence. My course work included all available classes in the areas of robotics, artificial intelligence, and advanced algorithms. I also minored in the field of Philosophy with a focus on Logic and Epistemology. My reasoning is that this would help me to better understand how the human mind works, and therefore I could get closer to creating a human like AI.

After graduating from RPI, I started an internship, where I am working on Activity Modeling. For more details on the project, go to Projects, then Current, and select Activity Modeling.

Currently I am looking for a full-time position that will further my career interest in data analysis, AI, robotics, and similar problems. I can be contacted via LinkedIn (see below).

Areas of Expertise

  • Software: C/C++, Java, XML
  • Development Tools: JUnit, Eclipse IDE, CodeBlocks, CVS, Visual Paradigm, RStudio, Weka, Matlab
  • Operating Systems: Windows 7, Ubuntu


LinkedIn profile

Creative writing blog

GitHub profile


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