The Vex was a project that I worked on during the summers of my high school years when I didn’t have summer homework to worry about. Unfortunately, I was unable to spend as much time as I would have liked. There were a lot of projects I had planed out with the Vex that took advantaged of its flexibility; a flexibility that wasn’t present in the BoeBot because of its limited nature.

I was introduced to the Vex freshman year of high school in my robotics class.  The Vex was fun to work with, so at the start of the summer, I bought one for my self.

The hardware set up was drastically different from the BoeBot. With the BoeBot, there was only one design. The Vex had many modular pieces, so it was possible to build the robot to look however I wanted it to, and I could always take it apart and redesign it. As for sensors, The BoeBot came with two types of sensors (touch and infrared), while the basic Vex came with a pair of bumper-type touch sensors. That isn’t really a downside though for the Vex, because it’s possible to buy other sensors separately on their website. Adding a pair of infrared sensors to the Vex was, therefore, easy to do.

BoeBot and Vex

BoeBot and Vex

The Vex ran on C/C++, which in my opinion is a more elegant programing language than Visual Basic. As a result, programing the Vex was much more enjoyable than the BoeBot. It took a greater effort to write a program in VB than in C because it took more lines of code to get a program to do something interesting in VB than it did in C/C++.

I enjoyed doing this project more so then the BoeBot, mainly because I could program the Vex in C/C++ and I could repeatedly build and rebuild the robot. The Vex is a project I would eagerly return to when I get the time to do so.

2010-02-22 08.14.13

4-wheel Configuration

2010-03-28 10.08.27

3-wheel Configuration


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